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Limpo for Water Conservation

H2OLimpo is in line with the policies of saving water and, through an innovative system, contributes to the rationalization of water resources held.

Every year, on the March 22 people celebrate World Water Day, a day in which there are reflections and seeking solutions to the problem of excessive waste of water resources by the industrialized countries.
The water is now an increasingly rare asset that needs to rationalize its use and programming and more effective management.

Joan Clos, the UN undersecretary-general, explained that the lack of water in some areas is caused by the absence of appropriate policies and mismanagement of resources we have.

The Secretary also explained the need to ensure clean drinking water to face the problems of pollution and climate change and explained that the only way to do this is to use "innovative ideas and best practices to implement."

In this sense Limpo promotes its business manager, relying on scientific research and technological innovation in respect of the ecosystem.