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Limpo: The successful characters


Advantage of business opportunities and support proposals for the development of entrepreneurial skills of its affiliates make Limpo an economic success reality.
In the area of responsibility, then, the franchising appears to be a valid business solution that allows to start and manage an independently business, taking advantage of highly specialized services made available to the affiliates by the Company.
Limpo, belonging fully to the world of franchising, following strong economic and social growth dictated not only on the money that supports the activities developed on the commercial networks, but also deriving from the innovation added value-services and products offered and the social sustainability that the project entails.
The mission and vision of the Company, in fact, develop from their constant attention to the current economic dynamic which brings together all business activities towards the idea of enterprise, ensuring economic success, investing in its success 'image and construction of development-oriented social activity.

In addition, the latest data relating to investigations carried out on the franchising economy confirm a growing trend in the reference from the previous year. Thus it is possible to define in advance the lines of development planned for the future, choosing to invest in a sector for which data are illustrative of the condition to be in place.