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Limpo Affiliation



The simplicity and the immediateness are at the base of the procedures used by Limpo to allow the affiliations.
Unlike the other realities structured in franchising, in fact, the routine foresees neither long procedures nor complicated bureaucratic practices to join to the Company; and it is guaranteed besides, from the Direction, the possibility to finance the whole necessary amount to face the expenses of same affiliation.
This youth but consolidated entrepreneurial reality, through a process of continuous support offered to its franchisees, by providing all the technical support and training necessary to effectively manage the points and mobile in management.
Managers, therefore, have developed a support program which can provide, for each Limpo operator, the acquisition of all the necessary tools to drive business with success.

The support offered to franchisees moves on different positions and it starts off by the possibility of using funding to cover the total membership fee, starting already very convenient

In the course of management, it is also constantly updated by the Limpo to inform the franchisees of all existing legislation which may favor the development of their economic reality, such as the ability to participate in public tenders or requests for access to facilities provided by local and national. Governments.