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franchising_webThe Limpo franchising arises from a commercial pact with Edo Ltd., a well-established society with a recognized and successfully brand, able to offer a real business opportunity.

The Company, in fact, divided into a franchise network, the spread of Limpoint and Limpomobile through a strategy designed to extend the individual activities in the national and international territory.

The commercial network Limpo also is based on the concept of “Entrepreneurship Assistant”: a practical support that the company offers to its members in all phases of the business, from the start-up to management during the time.

The Limpo franchising keeps a large autonomy in their sector without sacrificing the benefits that a partnership provides.

The strength of membership is given by the absence of royalty or entrance fees, and the guarantee of continued support in the updating of technical and relational competences needed to successfully manage Limpoint and Limpomobile.