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Code of Ethics

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Code of Ethics
The company’s commitment
Employees and affiliates’ duties
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Relations with third parties (suppliers, consumers, business partners, freelancers)
Healt and safety
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Herewith the company wishes to display a code of principles that inspire its business activity, and which all employees and freelancers are expected to stick to when undertaking their own tasks.

The people working for our company all agree on the importance of carrying on the business in an honest way, because ethics and integrity have always been the core of our modus operandi.

This Code of Ethics stands for the company’s commitment to work in order to establish genuine and reliable relations.

Everyone, from the executives to all the employees, from franchisees to freelancers, is expected to stick to the principles regulating our trade operations. Our Code of Ethics contains regulations concerned with individual responsibilities, and the responsibilities to take into account when dealing with employees, customers, suppliers and others.

Example is the best guidance, and this is why the Limpo project managers strive to make sure that any of the rules mentioned here is obeyed in full.